Why I’m DONE with the Democrats

Pushing Joe Biden is the last straw. It’s as if they WANT another four years of Chump. Screw the false bravado of a free country and democratic election process. Presidents are chosen by corporations and back door political gaming for the benefit of said corporations and lining the pockets of those whose pockets are already overflowing. I’ve believed in the system. I’ve believed in the process. I have struggled these past couple of elections to hold on to hope that issues would be resolved. Forced myself to think positive. Worked to encourage voting as a way to be heard. It’s

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First Democratic debates: Podium placements announced – CNNPolitics

The stage is set for the first series of Democratic debates. Image & Info Source: First Democratic debates: Podium placements announced – CNNPolitics Am I the only one looking forward to this? I can’t be. The Dems have got so many hats in the ring it can be dizzying. What’s sad is that I almost don’t care who gets in there so long as they can get that orangeOne out! And I know that I am not alone in that sentiment! So, everyone knows where my butt is going to be parked June 26th and 27th. In fact, I may

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