Cost Savings: Homemade Dog Food Mix-In

My dog stinks. Well, she doesn’t so much anymore, but there was a time when she was a stinky, farty dog that could clear an entire room in half a nanosecond. I realized it was the cheaper variety of dry dog food, primarily, and it would get especially bad if I mixed in some wet canned dog food as a treat (or to entice her to actually eat her dry food!). I’ve been through a lot of brands of dog food, in different combinations and at increasing costs. When I first got her, I was dedicated to feeding only the

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Rude Awakening

This morning I was abruptly torn from my sweet, peaceful slumber by a sudden crashing sound followed immediately by my dog jumping up and cowering in fear in the corner of the couch and an irritatingly loud and incessantly repetitive high-pitched squeaking. (Yes, I’m on the couch — those cold germies!) The combination of noises and actions caused me to bolt immediately upright, and after a few seconds of orientating myself from sleepyland, realized the master mouser of the house is at it again. I fumbled about for my phone and turned on the flashlight, looked at my scaredy-dog with

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Noooooo! Not the Toes!

Sweet blissful sleep. All wrapped up warm and cozy in my bed, with dreams of my love running through my head. Sweet, sweet, blissful sleep. Then all of a sudden there’s this odd sensation that tears me away from it all! Nooooo! Not the toes! Dang dog! Why on earth does she do that? It’s so gross. Oh, look! She left her foot out for me, I think I’ll just lay here and lick her toes until she wakes up!  I totally wanted to try to sleep in this morning. By sleep in, I mean until eight or nine. Didn’t

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