Brilliance Lost: A Short Tale of Driving Home

So I’m driving home from work the other day, and as is customary with me, there are millions of thoughts racing through my head, scenarios being played out, flashbacks popping in from past experiences — suddenly I find myself mentally narrating through the most awesome opening paragraph for my story! Fabulous! It was completely inspired. It filled me with the warmest sense of pride, accomplishment and belief in myself that

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Life: Just Livin’ It…

Frustrating. Amazing. Infuriating. Miraculous. Difficult. Beautiful. Unpredictable. Wonderful. Life — it’s all that and more. No two days are ever really the same. One morning everything can appear to be perfect and by mid-morning coffee the table has been turned and you’re starting all over again. There’s no way to tell from one moment to the next what’s going to be coming at you … most of the time. It

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