Busy Is As Busy Does

Today’s buzzword is “busy.” Maybe it’s “bizzy,” either way, that’s what’s going on lately. I’m wrapping up my final classes at school, registering for real estate courses outside of school, taking steps to increase my health (damn that cholesterol!), house-hunting, job-hunting, website-building, blog-researching, taxi-ing my kids back and forth to school and work (someone get a license soon, please!), playing nurse to my house full of sickies and attempting to fight off the hellacious cold virus they seem determined to share with me. Yay! They’re sharing! <tic> My head is constantly pounding, my nasal passages are screaming, my ears are buzzing and aching,

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Projects, Graduates, Decisions, Oh My!

This morning my middle child – a senior in high school – broke down in the car before school. She’s stressed, overwhelmed and basically scared of the unknown after high school. Her entire educational career she has literally been a straight A student. I don’t think she has *ever* brought home a grade lower than a 92 on a report card. Tears streaming down her face, she says she just wants to fail school. She is stressed over everything — all the projects for school, college applications, financial aid processes, the seeming permanence of having to choose a career path.

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