Oh, Sandy! The Saga Continues

Day four without electric or cable utilities. About to start going insane! Grateful everyone I love and care about weathered the storm well. 🙂 Yesterday I ventured out in search of a store that was not only open and able to do credit/debit transactions, but also had milk on their shelves! That was a pretty interesting trip. In town was pretty much dead and not a single store was open. Traffic lights were all out and parking lots were vacant. We saw lots of downed trees, roots and all, and broken branches everywhere. Clearly, our area collected more damage from

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Oh, Sandy!

Sitting here at home listening to the wind howl, the rain beating the heck out of the house and watching the lights occasionally flicker and just waiting for the power to finally go out. I’m bored out of my mind. Wishing that I’d stayed with her instead of coming home where no one cares whether I’m actually here or not. The kids are occupied with their own stuff these days, which is fine by me, mostly. I really don’t like feeling so insignificant. I should have just stayed there instead, seriously. At least I’d have someone to talk to, if

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