The World SUCKS: A Rant

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling to find a regular job for well over a year (close to 2, at this point). I can’t even begin to count the number of jobs I have applied to during that time period, but I can tell you how many have requested an interview: ONE. One interview request in 2 years. That’s ridiculous. (No, I’m not counting my 3 month stint with the temp agency, which was the reason I had to turn down the ONE interview request, because it came exactly 3 days after I reluctantly agreed out of sheer desperation

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Breaking Point — Is this it?

Over qualified. Under qualified. Kiss my ass. I need a job! Job satisfaction? Who cares! A paycheck in and of itself is more than enough satisfaction at this point! Ridiculous! Officially nine months since I began looking for a new job (or any source of income at all, really) and still flailing. No job = No home. My divorce was final in December. I totaled my minivan in the same month. Used the bulk of my savings to buy a new car (well, not a brand new car, obviously!). Watching my fabulous credit score that I busted my ass to

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