Oh my laptops!

This morning I am sort of “getting my geek on.” Actually, the process started two days ago, when I realized that pricing on solid state drives (SSDs) was way more reasonable than it used to be. Yes, I’ve been out of the market for quite a while in terms of computer hardware stuff. The kids have been moping around for months because both the desktop replacement laptops are basically dead. Hard disk drive (HDD) failures, errors, overheating, random shut-downs, and one of them wouldn’t even load Windows at all anymore rendering it completely useless. Fully aware that there is no

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Yesterday was basically a blah day. Trying to stay positive is hard work! I couldn’t quite seem to break free from the funk of a day that started out on bad footing. I did have therapy again, which was helpful — a bit. But it was just one of those days where every which way I turned I felt like I was getting back-handed across the face by life. In the spirit of positivity, every new dawn is a new opportunity to begin again.. and begin again I shall! In the meantime though, really? Had so much stuff I needed

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