Movin’ On!

Tuesday was an interesting day here. I got notice that my divorce complaint was successfully filed and that I now needed to serve my husband and get him to sign an acceptance of complaint. In continuing to try to keep this civil and simple, I obviously served him myself. Directly after, I had to explain what it meant and what happens next because I honestly believe he has no clue. He’s so in denial of reality that he continues to insist that if I was truly being nice, I’d be working on staying together. Nope, sorry. I’ve done this pseudo-marriage

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Buh-bye, Zoloft!

Today is day six since I decided to toss out the Zoloft. It worked well for a while (actually, I just looked back and it’s been almost exactly a whole year!) but in relation to my recent bout of insanely high anxiety, depression and non-stop crying spells, I figured maybe I should have listened when my doctor suggested taking a break. Fresh Xanax script on the ready though for fall back, but to be honest, I’ve pretty much just felt a little bit better each day since I’ve stopped taking it — so I haven’t needed the Xanax yet! At

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