What’s Up? & Randomness

I get it. I’m basically hit or miss these days. Also, quite busy trying to stay afloat and on top of all my other responsibilities, but then again, who isn’t? There’s been a huge uptick on my Facebook Page views (but no “likes” <teary-faced emoji>) and I’m not really sure where from or why… it’s driving me a bit mad. Also, random friend requests. What’s up with that? Anyone else?? It’s looking like we’re about to get into full-swing spring–thank goodness–and my mood is improving a bit. I’ve been trying to do some self-work but there are days (sometimes several

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Likes & Follows

Hey ya’ll, this is gonna be a bit of a shameless plug here this morning. I’m embarking upon a rededication of sorts. “To what?” you may ask. This blog. My writing. My hopes. My dreams. A minimum of one new post a week is being promised. So, if you pop in and find anything here amusing (even this shameless plug post itself!), please be a dear and “like” our Facebook page or “follow” us on Twitter! Of all the social media accounts, those are the two most actively updated. Would love you see you around! All my best, M.A.Y.

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