Scary Times, Indeed.

Since briefly mentioning in a previous post a while back about being frightened for the future following the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump into the spot of President of the United States, I haven’t voiced much else. Why? Because it’s just so hard to believe that today’s political landscape is reality. Every news story, every bill draft, every tweet, every new policy announcement, every new discovery, every new reported change seems to be moving this country into a weird, backwards alternate reality that may soon rival best-selling dystopian novels and their box office-smashing movie counterparts. Are these things

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Living in Fear …

So here’s the deal — I’ve spent practically the entirety of my life living in fear of life and judgment, holding onto secrets that may or may not have been as secret as I believed them to be, and generally just living in a constant state of heightened awareness on the edge of flight. Never being able to truly relax, truly discover and be myself, never believing that it was possible to live any other way. I’ve had periods where I’ve convinced myself that I was relaxed, content, and happy — but I realize they were simply a coping facade.

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