Wedding Planning

Yesssss! It’s time to start planning. Noooooo! Why the heck is everything wedding-related so expensive?! I’ve been married before, that’s no secret. This time, however, it’s the real thing. Because it’s the real thing, I want the REAL THING. LOL Last time was a last-minute, thrown together in about six weeks, super low budget, potluck affair at which I was the size of a house, 8 1/2 months pregnant, hot and sweaty in the oh-so-dreaded sticky month of August. Let’s not repeat that fun. Now that I’m getting ready to marry the love of my life, there are a few

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So, that’s the plan!

After spending time researching school districts and areas, then giving the list of districts (I pre-approved) to the kids for their own research purposes, we’ve settled on where we plan to plant ourselves next. They’re pretty excited about it, which is really nice. I’m pretty excited simply because I’ve been wanting out of this immediate area for pretty much the entire past 20 years! So now that we are sure where we want to go, I’ve refocused my job searching to businesses and organizations in that immediate area. There does seem to be a lot more opportunity there than there

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