Every Step Matters

A few months back I made a committment to go back to school again. I didn’t know then that my emotional state would be upended by widely publicized instances of assault and abuse that, in many ways, left me feeling re-traumatized. It’s been difficult. My mind wanders easily and tears occassionally escape, but I’m trying to keep my shit together overall. Perhaps you are too. As with most things in life, I’m taking it slow. One class at a time, one assignment at a time. Reminding myself daily (sometimes hourly) that every step matters. When I start feeling overwhelmed and

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Habit Schmabit

I follow a lot of motivational pages on Facebook these days, and considering my high anxiety status, it is probably no surprise! This morning, as I was scrolling through my feed I was drawn to a “You ARE Enough” quote pic: and it got me thinking — just what does it take to create a habit? According to some quick searches, it certainly isn’t simply a few weeks. In fact, it can apparently take up to the better part of year in order to create a habit. Pretty daunting, especially considering today’s instant gratification mindset. The world is moving so

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My Anxiety-Stricken Writing Process

In keeping with trying to get back to my roots here in the la-la-land of delusional living, I’ve been forcing myself to spend at least two hours a day just writing. Some days this goes splendidly and other days it’s like pure, absolute hell. I’m finding that a lot of it depends on where my anxiety scale falls on that particular day. Today, for instance, I would have to rate my general anxiety level at about a 4-5. No idea why though. I just feel kind of on edge and a bit flighty, which makes it hard to keep my

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