Enough of this shitshow, can we please get an adult back in the White House this November?

I’m tired. I’m betting you’re tired too. It’s been 84 days since Gov. Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania) ordered all schools to close and shortly thereafter all non-life sustaining businesses statewide to shutter. I wasn’t mad about it. I was glad to do my part to help flatten the curve. And of course, I didn’t want to risk getting sick either. Every person in my household has one or more preexisting conditions they can check on the high risk column. In that time, we’ve become pros at pantry and household supply inventory management. We started trying to do our grocery shopping 2-3

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Why I’m DONE with the Democrats

Pushing Joe Biden is the last straw. It’s as if they WANT another four years of Chump. Screw the false bravado of a free country and democratic election process. Presidents are chosen by corporations and back door political gaming for the benefit of said corporations and lining the pockets of those whose pockets are already overflowing. I’ve believed in the system. I’ve believed in the process. I have struggled these past couple of elections to hold on to hope that issues would be resolved. Forced myself to think positive. Worked to encourage voting as a way to be heard. It’s

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