Gray Thursday

aka Thanksgiving Day. This year I went to a “Black Friday” sale, on Thursday. We’re going to call it “Gray Thursday.” It was unplanned. I don’t usually care about Black Friday and I didn’t particularly care this year either. It just so happened that my oldest daughter wanted to do Thanksgiving dinner this year on her own. Awesome! A day off from cooking. Since she lives over an hour away, that meant we needed a hotel room. No problem. Except I forgot to pack a hairbrush. Such a minor thing but completely necessary! I woke up Thursday morning, made some

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Day of Reflection – I’m Thankful for …

I’ve been a little absent, but thought I’d pop on and wish the internet world a Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, it’s the opportune time for a bit of reflection and despite all the trials and tribulations of the year, I am most thankful for two things (okay, maybe it’s really four things!) — my three beautiful children and my amazing girlfriend. With their love and support, I’m finding that all things are possible, and I honestly have no idea how I would manage to do anything without any of them. <3 Loves of my life, all

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Noooooo! Not the Toes!

Sweet blissful sleep. All wrapped up warm and cozy in my bed, with dreams of my love running through my head. Sweet, sweet, blissful sleep. Then all of a sudden there’s this odd sensation that tears me away from it all! Nooooo! Not the toes! Dang dog! Why on earth does she do that? It’s so gross. Oh, look! She left her foot out for me, I think I’ll just lay here and lick her toes until she wakes up!  I totally wanted to try to sleep in this morning. By sleep in, I mean until eight or nine. Didn’t

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