Why I’m DONE with the Democrats

Pushing Joe Biden is the last straw. It’s as if they WANT another four years of Chump. Screw the false bravado of a free country and democratic election process. Presidents are chosen by corporations and back door political gaming for the benefit of said corporations and lining the pockets of those whose pockets are already overflowing. I’ve believed in the system. I’ve believed in the process. I have struggled these past couple of elections to hold on to hope that issues would be resolved. Forced myself to think positive. Worked to encourage voting as a way to be heard. It’s

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Trump for President: Are You Serious?!

Honestly, my head is still reeling from this entire concept of Donald Trump running for president. Are people seriously serious about wanting our country run by a man who cannot control his mouth to save his life? Whose companies have filed corporate bankruptcy proceedings on numerous occasions? Who unashamedly bashes women who don’t meet the outdated and ridiculously set patriarchal standards of yesteryear? Who cannot get his facts straight and double-talks his way around anything he’s called out on? The man is a self-serving opportunist who has put his hat in the ring to create one of the biggest circuses of

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