You’re Still Fat! (Thank you, BMI Charts!)

I’ve lost a lot of weight. The funny thing about that is that when I actively attempted to lose weight in the past I was always struggling to get under 180. Nothing I did seemed to effect any change on that. Six months after my divorce I settled in at about 135-140. Which put me pretty much universally into a women’s size 6. I posted a while back about my thrill at reaching a size 8. Size 6 was a surprise discovered in the dressing room of an Old Navy and verified in the dressing room of a JC Penney

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As the Chapter Closes

December, already. So much has been going on this year that it’s no wonder it almost feels like it went from January to December in just a few weeks’ time! Lack of funds caused me to procrastinate on Christmas shopping (and of course, finding the spirit), so I’m now doing the “OMG it’s Christmastime” shuffle! Keeping it a bit lean this year in anticipation of having a lot of expenses in the coming new year. Thankfully, my kids are all old enough to be able to understand. Had a fabulous birthday weekend with my love and her family. She surprised

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Playin’ Catch-Up!

Got a little preoccupied with life lately and have seriously neglected this poor little blog of mine. Time to play a little catch-up! Zoloft (generic) seems to be working well for me. My anxiety is at manageable levels. Side effects are minimal. I feel relatively “normal,” whatever that may mean. I’m definitely feeling less “outsider-ish” in my own life. BONUS: I think it’s actually causing me to lose weight. That could be a negative side effect, I suppose, but since I had been trying to drop some weight anyway, I’m just lovin’ it! I opted to stay on 50 mg

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