Three Wishes

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“I’ll give you three wishes.” … “I don’t want them.” … “You wan… wait… what?”

“I don’t want them,” I repeated.

He stood there, still, with the most dumbfounded look. “I– I don’t understand,” he stammered, “everyone takes the wishes! Are you mad?”

I smiled, just a bit, because I’ve read way too many of these stories to fall for the antics of a wish-granter. Nothing in life came free or easy. Making wishes would undoubtedly mess with things in ways I wouldn’t be able to foresee and in the end I would probably be even more miserable. “Nah, I’m not mad. I’m just good, thanks.”

“Do you mean to tell me that there is absolutely nothing, not a single thing, you would wish for? Even knowing with 100% certainty that it would immediately come true and become a part of your reality?” He crossed his arms over his chest, leaning forward slightly and looking me dead in the eyes.

“No. Nothing,” I said again. This wasn’t the least bit fun and the temptation was strong. I felt as though his steady gaze was burning into my head and trying to decipher thoughts deep within my mind.

He glanced me up and down, with a smug sort of attitude probably not much unlike the one I had given him just moments earlier. “As you wish–” I cut him off right there.

“No, no I don’t wish. I just don’t want them. Don’t you have a magic lamp or something you can go back to?”

Just like that, he disappeared.

A business card of sorts remained in his place. It simply said, “I O U.”

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