Time Flies…

Well, not really. It’s been almost half a year since my last blog post. That’s sad.

I’d like to note, however, that the time did not pass by quickly! The biggest reason for the delay was wholly related to the simple fact that the screen broke on my laptop and I was stuck doing everything I needed to do with it hooked up to my living room television as a temporary monitor. Obviously, that’s not a very private environment for writing. My anxieties definitely won out since I can’t stand to have people see me writing, and especially fear having anyone I know read what I’ve written.

That in mind — I’ve written pretty much nothing at all in any medium for the bulk of that time period.

I’m back in business now, I think. Replacing the screen ended up being cost-prohibitive. So as any good internet addict would, I turned to eBay and after a few months of watching and searching, managed to snag a pretty sweet replacement laptop that I could feel some love towards for a really acceptable price.

I tried to love a brand-new (refurbished) Lenovo U430, but you just can’t force love… typing on its keyboard just felt uncomfortable. I’m completely devoted at this point in my life to HP — my dearly departed HP Folio 13 was the laptop love of my life, and replacing it was a huge struggle.

Now I am tapping away on a lovely used HP Elitebook 9470m — which is also now housing the RAM and SSD from my previous machine. Boots up just as fast (with Windows 7 on the SSD), battery seems to be pretty good and it is only a slight bit bigger overall. I’m sufficiently satisfied for the next year or so 😉

For less than it was going to cost me to get my screen replaced on the Folio 13, I got a similar machine, twice the RAM, kept my SSD, and got a second 500 GB hard drive for storage. How can I complain about that?

So expect to be seeing more from me, since now I can sit quietly in private whenever I want and type away again!


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