Time on my Hands

Today is an interesting day. Interesting because, unlike most days, I seem to have a bit of time on my hands.

There are no extra hours being granted for work. Other than my usual daily chauffeuring, I have nowhere to go.

There’s a chilly dampness in the air today. It’s gray and sort of sad and lazy out. It’s raining the sort of rain that just kind of comes and goes, misting everything but refusing to just let go and pour out full force. Not much unlike the struggle to fight back one’s own tears only to have a stray one break free and slowly trace a path down the cheek before being wiped away with the back of a hand. Wipe it away quick enough, and perhaps no one will be the wiser. Or so you think. The grayness tends to creep its way about you casting a telling cloudiness, if anyone were to truly take notice. Most people are too busy to bother.

It’s more or less a cuddle and read or watch TV kind of day, though my puppy seems to prefer to sleep alone right now. It’s probably for the best. I have been trying to get myself  more into the habit of writing more regularly and today’s time on my hands is an opportunity to do just that.

So I’m here, laptop charged, with my dog snoring at the foot of the bed, writing my second post of the day simply because, today I can.

Today I can do whatever I want to do with my time. I’ve chosen to spend it not crying, not worrying, not wondering. Today I can be personally productive. Today I can fill pages in my editor. Today I can read anything I want or nothing at all.

Today will be whatever I choose to make of it.

What will you make of yours?

Love & Light

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