Trump for President: Are You Serious?!

Honestly, my head is still reeling from this entire concept of Donald Trump running for president. Are people seriously serious about wanting our country run by a man who cannot control his mouth to save his life? Whose companies have filed corporate bankruptcy proceedings on numerous occasions? Who unashamedly bashes women who don’t meet the outdated and ridiculously set patriarchal standards of yesteryear? Who cannot get his facts straight and double-talks his way around anything he’s called out on?

The man is a self-serving opportunist who has put his hat in the ring to create one of the biggest circuses of United States Presidential races I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch unfold. Comedic relief, sure. Presidential material, I think not.

I can’t even begin to imagine the millions of steps backwards this country would be taking with The Donald at the helm.

Have you ever seen the 2006 satirical sci-fi comedy film “Idiocracy”? It is a ridiculous movie indeed — one of those movies that is just so freaking stupid you can’t help but laugh. Despite that, I’ve had this nagging feeling deep down since the very first time I watched it that wasn’t really so sci-fi as to make it unlikely to happen. Just think about the evolution of our society and what it values — it saddens me to say that I can absolutely see us heading in that direction…

Seriously, dump the Trump distraction so we can focus on real issues. I don’t want to live “Idiocracy.”


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