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Woot! I’ve been playing around in the backend and making some minor changes to the site. The first and most obvious is a freshening of my logo and I’m in hard love with it! I don’t know, but lately I just seem to enjoy cleaner, simpler looks. Similar versions will be making the rounds to all my social accounts to maintain brand cohesion (if I’m on it, you can find me @annothervoice). 😉

Mobile users won’t see it, but for those coming here on good ol’ desktops, laptops and some tablets there is a new background behind the content box. Again, some pretty hard love there, for now! It kinda vibes with my dark mood lately…

Since I’ve grown to adore wasting time scrolling the political topics and commentary on Twitter, I’ve made a conscious decision to push myself to interact a little more. Up popped the Twitter profile feed into the sidebar to add a little extra accountability. Maybe it’ll help keep me on task–maybe it won’t.

Hmm…what else? 

Oh! This one sort of pained me a bit, but I started monetizing the site. I know, I know. I can’t stand sites where there are distracting ads all up and down either side of what I’m reading, pop-ups every time I try to scroll, headers that block my view of the page, sites that follow every paragraph with an ad insertion or break their content into 8 pages just to increase impressions and page view counts. I’m not doing that!! I added a couple unobtrusive ad inserts to the sidebar and there will be a few at the end of most posts. There will be absolutely NO annoying pop-ups. NO expanding headers. NO ads-gone-wild. I refuse to make a garbage ad service site.

My content can be sporadic and my topics may vary wildly but I’d like to believe this site is more than just a vehicle to earn impressions. I’d like to believe that kindred spirits find their way here, read my thoughts and nod in agreement, or read and feel inspired to take some kind of action–be it to rebut an idea I’ve presented, pen a poem, draw a picture, draft a story, take a picture or write their own content. Whatever, it’s all good. If it makes someone think, then I’ve done what I set out to do. 😊

And hey, if you do happen to be a kindred spirit, hit the “Like,” tap the “Share,” and consider following me on Twitter or Facebook, too! I may have social anxiety, but this COVID-19 situation is making me feel lonelier than ever–I could use some virtual friends with similar tastes!

On that note, I bid you adieu, for now! Stay safe out there, don’t forget your mask, and keep soaping up those hands!


M.A.Young is driven by her love of words, passionate pursuit of knowledge, and desire for a more inclusive and accepting world. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she struggles daily with mental health issues including generalized and social anxiety, C-PTSD, depression, and self-worth.

She is the sole contributer to and founder of AnnotherVoice, a relatively unfocused blog originally created as a sounding board for the myriad of thoughts running through her mind. Her writing runs the gamut from fiction and poetry to current events and politics. She strongly encourages everyone to pay attention to the world around them and to vote!

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