Wedding Planning

Yesssss! It’s time to start planning.

Noooooo! Why the heck is everything wedding-related so expensive?!

I’ve been married before, that’s no secret. This time, however, it’s the real thing. Because it’s the real thing, I want the REAL THING. LOL

Last time was a last-minute, thrown together in about six weeks, super low budget, potluck affair at which I was the size of a house, 8 1/2 months pregnant, hot and sweaty in the oh-so-dreaded sticky month of August. Let’s not repeat that fun.

Now that I’m getting ready to marry the love of my life, there are a few things I want that can’t be avoided:

  • An actual wedding gown… No, I’m not looking for thousands of dollars worth of frill and fanfare, but I’m not going the $40 off a J.C. Penney clearance rack route again — besides, I don’t have to accommodate a belly the size of an exercise ball this time.I want to feel beautiful, but the budget is still going to be smallish. Especially keeping in mind that we will be buying two gowns since there will be two beautiful brides at these super special nuptials!
  • A pretty and romantic-looking venue… Wow, who knew venues cost an arm and a leg? Surely there is something out there for us that is reasonably priced and doesn’t required a crappy trellis set up in front of the septic mound of someone’s front yard. 😉
  • An actual honeymoon would be a w e s o m e !! Though highly unlikely at this time. It’s on my list though — even if we have to have it happen a year after the wedding. Somewhere warm, with soft sand beaches and fruity drinks would be especially nice.

It seems that list wasn’t quite as long as I thought it would be, which is probably a good thing — since just those three make keeping a reasonable budget seem next to impossible. As such, I may be sharing wedding-related links to freebies and sweepstakes in the coming weeks. I, personally, hate photos, but I’m pretty sure K’s version of this list includes a decent photographer… so I guess I’ll be trying to find one of those, too.

That said, it’s time to put aside my dreamy wedding brain for a bit and try to get some paying work done… it might actually help pay for some of this stuff we’ll be wanting.

If anyone passing by has some wedding planning tips, tricks, secrets to saving, links or suggestions to share — please feel free!

Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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