What do you like reading or watching?

I’m into the dys – as in dystopias and dysfunctions.

It hadn’t dawned on me until recently, but I’m definitely drawn more to the dark side of life and all its possibilities when it comes to both my reading and viewing preferences. Throw some crime drama in there as well because I’ve watched every damn episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Blacklist, Sons of Anarchy, Orange is the New Black, Wentworth, The Following, Lie to Me, Medium, Lucifer, NCIS, How to Get Away with Murder, Sherlock, Bones, Murder She Wrote (back in the day), Barnaby Jones and Hart to Hart, to name a few. 😆

I love the crap out of Shameless and Weeds, and used to enjoy the old school Tales from the Crypt and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Movies I’ve enjoyed that were adapted from the books, and I admit, I went for the books after seeing the movies, include the Harry Potters, the Divergent series and The Hunger Games. Pretty much anything Stephen King I read first because I was a seriously voracious reader in my youth. So throw in some psychological thrillers and horror, too. Oh! The Lizzie Borden Chronicles! I was enjoying that as well and was sad they dropped it, along with the Bates Motel series.

Like, there weren’t enough books to get me through the summer, which was a point of contention for my mother. Her anthem cry was basically, “Why can’t you put that book down and go outside like a normal kid?”

I wonder why I found Matilda so adorably entertaining when my kids were little? 😉 Children’s fantasy fiction.

As a young me I read every V.C. Andrews I could get my hands on, lots of biographies and autobiographies, C.S. Lewis, Judy Blume (ok, what girl hadn’t read any Blume by the time she hit adolescence?!), Beverly Cleary, poetry collections, Stephen King, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, and so many more my aging memory fails to recall.

By high school, my issues with anxiety and introversion combined with a sense that the things being taught were utter bullshit, I often skipped classes in favor of stealing away in a comfy reading chair at the local public library where the hours passed almost instantaneously whilst entranced by whatever shelf selection I had made.

Today, the world seems like such a different place. I look back on those days more favorably than perhaps I should, and I long for the simplicity of a day surrounded by books. Despite countless efforts to get back into such a place, it seems that today’s world is just too damn distractionary* for it. There’s so much going on at any single point in time, so many potential intrusions and diversions, that it almost makes it seem as though setting aside time to simply relax and read is wasting time that could otherwise be used doing something that would be viewed more favorably by the world around me.

That’s sad. Sad to think that I’ve been inflicted with the viral lost attention span of modern society. Sad to think that so many have, and because of that, they may be missing any combination of skills and traits that are developed from a rich and varied reading life.

And my point is that I’m just as guilty. Just as inflicted.

Why does it seem like it is so much more acceptable to flip on a tv or screen of some sort and passively allow someone else to share their vision of a story than it is to open up a book, read the words and create our own vision?

On that note, I’m curious, what sort of stuff do you all enjoy reading or watching, or both? Have you noticed changes in those patterns as technology continues to advance?

Love & Light

*distractionary is not in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The little red squiggly line beneath it as I wrote this post drove me crazy because it feels so much like it is, and should be, a proper word.

Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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