What’s Up? & Randomness

I get it.

I’m basically hit or miss these days. Also, quite busy trying to stay afloat and on top of all my other responsibilities, but then again, who isn’t?

There’s been a huge uptick on my Facebook Page views (but no “likes” <teary-faced emoji>) and I’m not really sure where from or why… it’s driving me a bit mad. Also, random friend requests. What’s up with that? Anyone else??

It’s looking like we’re about to get into full-swing spring–thank goodness–and my mood is improving a bit. I’ve been trying to do some self-work but there are days (sometimes several in a row) where really all I can manage to do is lounge around and nap. Hoping the increase in sunshine and daylight hours will help a bit with that as it usually has in the past. Like so much of nature, spring is a time of rebirth, growth, new beginnings, and renewed hope. I wager it’s all part of the cyclical system of life.

Of course, being the human being that I am, all is constantly subject to change at any time without any notice. Not quite the predictable creature I’m expected to be, but yet, predictable in the potentiality of unpredictability. Huh, what?

That’s pretty much where I’m at today. So, what’s up with the rest of you?

Love & Light

2 thoughts on “What’s Up? & Randomness

  1. Because I am a bellydancer I get weird random friend requests from guys fairly regulairly, and I always ignore.

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