When Fighting Anxiety: Don’t Fight It!

The funny thing I’m realizing about my anxiety is that when it gets out of hand, it’s because I let it get out of hand.

I don’t say that as a way to place blame on myself — trust me, I have plenty of blame and guilt already and I don’t need anymore. What I’m beginning to realize, is that anxiety is more of a control issue. If I control the situation before it gets out of hand, an anxiety/panic attack will have been successfully diffused. Yes, I realize that it’s not always that simple in practice; but it’s also not impossible with practice!

I’m definitely not the poster child for follow-through and determination, I can’t always maintain a focus on the end zone and I certainly can’t always control everyone and everything around me; but I can control myself.

No one is immune to feeling nervous or anxious. It’s OK to feel nervous and anxious. So when fighting anxiety, I now try to remind myself of that — anxiety is a normal feeling and lots of people everywhere around the world at some point in time or another also feel anxiety. It’s not the anxious feelings I need to fight — it’s me! It’s the way my brain and my body process those feelings and build them up into something urgent and life-threatening.

So I’m working on taking control. Staying conscious and rational. Accepting my anxious feelings. Reminding myself that those anxious feelings are normal. They are just feelings. They will go away. I don’t have to let them control me or my life. I’m worthy, deserving and capable of controlling my own life.

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