Work in the Real World: What I’ve Learned

Yes, I realize it’s been a little while. At this point, it should be obvious I’m prone to taking hiatuses … LOL

I have been working the past six weeks or so. At an office building. In the real world. Doing the highway commute. Racing the clock. Counting down the minutes at the end of every day.

In doing so, I’ve made some observations:

  1. I don’t like wearing dress clothes on the daily. They are way beyond by comfort zone. I feel like a clown or a kid playing dress-up. It puts me out of sorts. I feel all kinds of insecure and fake.
  2. I’m too efficient a worker to work on a time-clock. There is nothing more exasperating than completing a full day of work in four hours and then trying to figure out how to fill in the rest of the time you still *have* to be there. It opens the door for mind-wandering and anxiety-ridden mental checklists of all the things you *could* be doing with this wasted time (i.e. the laundry, the dishes, the grocery shopping, working on that novel, building a deck, researching colleges with your kid, getting another class in towards your degree … this list could go on forever). This is definitely a carry over from working from home for 12 years and getting paid for results instead of hours.
  3. There is NO REWARD for efficiency in the real world workplace. Not only does it exasperate you, but it exasperates your managers who cannot understand how you’ve done everything you need to do in half the time it takes everyone else there — and done it well (i.e. without error). They get annoyed at having to figure out what to do with you too. People who have only ever worked a time-clock are awesome at dragging out their tasks to fill their time. Attempting to do so for me just makes me feel like I’m being a deceitful ass.
  4. Idle chit-chat. The real world workplace is ripe with an overflowing abundance of idle chit-chat. I don’t chit-chat so well (I have social anxiety, people, c’mon!). Seriously, I’ve mentally tallied the amount of time people spend doing absolutely nothing but BSing with co-workers and it is certainly no small amount.
  5. Returning yet again to the topic of efficiency: Your co-workers do not appreciate you providing evidence that they could possibly be performing their jobs more efficiently. If you want to make friends at work — learn to be an underachiever. Unfortunately, I took this job because I needed money and that’s how you get it — I am not there to make friends (social anxiety, duh!), I’m there to work and honestly would like nothing more than to be busy the entire eight hours so that time doesn’t d-r-a-g. It’s who I am, if I’m at work, I want to work!

So there it is, for now. There’s more, but it’s almost time to get the cinnamon buns in the oven. It’s Saturday. It’s almost 9:00 AM and I’m not at work. I want a warm, ooey, gooey, sweet, deliciously sticky cinnamon bun to go with my coffee while I peruse the world events I’ve missed out on while I’ve wasted 40 hours at work all week, plus those forever lost six or so hours of driving time.

Have a great weekend, working world! Those dreary Mondays come much too quickly!!!


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