You’ve Gotta Be Kidding…

Maybe it’s a secret, maybe it’s not — I read articles for a living. On any given day I come across at least a few head-scratchers.

Today’s top “Are You Freakin’ Kiddin’ Me?! ” award goes to this one: Some Dude Is Suing Halo Top for Tricking Him Into Eating Low-Calorie Ice Cream.

If there was ever any doubt about the frivolous litigiousness of our society this erases all of it.

Now, I’ve never heard of this brand of ice cream. And I’ve never met “[a] New York man named Josh Berger.” But when I’m craving a nice, rich, creamy, cold, delicious ice cream treat I can absolutely tell the low-fat, reduced calorie types from the real stuff in the freezer section of literally every single grocery store I’ve ever been to in my entire life.

According to the article, Mr. Berger is claiming that the company used deceptive marketing/product labeling to trick him into purchasing their low-calorie “light ice cream.” As a result, he was disappointed upon finding the ice cream to be harder and less creamy that he expected. He further alleges that both their logo and brand name are also deceptive — by way of the association of the color yellow with a halo and then the connection of that same color to dairy products such as butter and cream.

So, Mr. Berger, Josh, if I may — are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?! You filed a lawsuit in a Brooklyn federal court over a $6.99 pint of low-calorie ice cream because, basically, you picked wrong and weren’t an informed consumer.

I Google’d up Halo Top, and it doesn’t look like they’re hiding anything about their calorie counts on their packaging… in fact, even in the smallish photos on their website and Instagram pages the words “light ice cream” are easily seen on the front of the package in a location that doesn’t seem at all deceptive to me.

Now I’m thinking maybe I’ll go for a ride to find some. After all, it would be pretty nice to have a lower calorie sweet treat that doesn’t have that awful aspartame aftertaste waiting for me in the freezer!

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Peeped Halo Top’s Instagram for a photo to share:

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